SuziQ's Garden Hydrosol Spray - Lavender Water

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Fragrance: Pure Grosso
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Grown and processed between Cromwell and Wanaka by SuziQ's Garden on the majestic Queensberry plains. See Suzette's amazing story on Country Calendar.

Essential oils are experiencing some well-deserved time in the spotlight and for good reason. Not only do they fill the air with soothing smells but they always have a wide range of beneficial properties.

The name lavender is derived from the Latin root “lavare” which means “to wash” and was used in ancient Egypt during the mummification process. Lavender was later used widely as a bath additive with ancient cultures believing that lavender could help heal the body and mind. 

Here are just a few of the many benefits of using lavender essential oil. 

1. Relieves stress and promotes relaxation

Lavender oil is a great natural remedy to promote relaxation and reduce stress levels. Many massage therapists use lavender oil to encourage relaxation. Cold pressed Sweet Almond oil is a good carrier if you don’t want to use pure lavender essential oil. Use 1 drop of essential oil per 5mls of carrier oil. For a lesser does or sensitive skin, use 1 drop per 15mls of carrier oil. 

Add lavender essential oil to your bath or to an oil diffuser to help spread the calming lavender aroma throughout your home. 

2. Promotes a deeper sleep

Several studies have shown that lavender essential oil helps fight off insomnia. If you have trouble sleeping at night, spray lavender water on your pillowcase or rub lavender essential oil on your temples and wrists before bed. 

3. Freshens and purifies air 

Lavender has anti fungal and antibacterial prosperities and is a safe and aromatic way to freshen up the air in your home without the harmful toxins found in supermarket sprays. To make your own air freshener, add 5-6 drops of lavender essential oil to 1 1/2 – 2 cups of distilled water. Here at SuziQ’s Garden, we sell both the Lavender essential oils and the Hydrosol Lavender water. This is also great to spray on the face for Hydration and great on a minor sunburn.

4. Helps prevent and heal acne and eczema

Adding a small amount of lavender essential oil to your skin or to other skin creams or ointments can greatly increase the potential for relief and healing. Lavender oil works to kill acne-causing bacteria and its anti-inflammatory properties help reduce inflammation associated with eczema. I recommend doing a skin patch test prior to use to ensure lavender oil will work for your skin.

5. Helps heal wounds

Lavender essential oil has powerful antiseptic properties which help speed up the healing process for wounds. The oil promotes the growth of the skin tissue and lessens the appearance of scars. The antibacterial properties also help prevent wound infections. It’s great for treating minor burns and insect bites.

At SuziQ’s Garden, we grow three types of oil-producing lavender varieties: Pure Grosso, Pure Super and Pacific Blue, each with their own distinctive aromas and lavender colour. The growing season lasts from mid-December through May. 

Pure Grosso
  • French Lavender that is highly fragrant
  • A lovely lilac purple flower spike on a 60cm stem
  • Excellent for floristry as a fresh or dried flower
  • A high producer of oil
Pure Super
  • French lavender with rich fragrance
  • Pale violet blue flower spikes with a 60cm stem
  • Excellent for floristry as a fresh or dried flower
  • A great oil producer
Pacific Blue
  • NZ hybrid with a light floral fragrance
  • Bright violet blue flower spike on a 25cm stem
  • Holds colour well as a fresh and dried flower
  • Wonderful essential oil producer