iBride Collector Portrait - Aime (Large)

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Collector is enriched by a new series of portraits of masked lovers : Secrets d'Alcôves. The couples can be composed and inverted. They are gazing at each other, seducing each other in an astonishing game of marivaudage.

"In the alcoves we whisper, we laugh under a cape, we exchange little secrets..."
The characters disguise themselves, seduce each other and exchange glances. Their heads covered with unusual compositions of fruit and flowers, each one is only half revealed. A toque of tulips and bigarreaux, a lemon and daffodil boater, mounted on an apricot branch and gooseberries as ear pendants.

  • Material: Printed aluminium and frame in black high pressure laminate

  • Limited edition, 300 individually numbered & signed worldwide

  • Matt finish
  • Dimensions : H.85 x W.64 x D.4 cm
  • Made in France

  • Indoor use

    Secrets d'Alcôves Partner : Garance