iBride Duo d'Alcôves Aime Tray

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Regular price $230.00
Regular price $339.00 Sale price $230.00

Aime Tray

Aime and Garance embody the mixture of two pictorial styles: the codes of the portrait are mixed with those of the still life. They are presented here in a new cut-out evoking an alcove. The duo of figures can be hung on the wall side by side and thus seem to create openings in the wall, alcoves through which the figures of Aime and Garance can be seen. The tray can also be placed on a piece of furniture like an altarpiece, the two trays being connected by a binding piece delivered with each tray.

  • Tray 62.5(h) x 45(w)cm
  • Made from a high pressure laminate
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Good heat and water resistance
  • Wall fixing included
  • Made in France