The Hairy Dog Deluxe Grooming Kit

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Regular price $125.00
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Introducing The Hairy Dog Deluxe Grooming Kit - This kit holds a curated collection of exquisite eco-friendly handmade wooden grooming tools, arranged within a sleek and breathable bag, in beautiful packaging, making it the perfect gift choice for cat and dog owners, or for yourself. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned pet owner, this kit equips you with all the essentials to keep your dog's or cat's appearance sleek, stylish and comfortable. 

Included in the kit:

1 x Hairy Multi-Brush - For brushing and enhancing shine
1 x Hairy Slicker Brush - Ideal for removing loose hair
1 x Hairy Shedding Rake - Effectively thins the undercoat
1 x Hairy Nail Scissors - Designed for precise nail and dew claw trimming
1 x Hairy Comb - An all-purpose grooming tool
1 x Hairy Dog Bag - Storage and transportation

More information:

Slicker - Fine Durable Stainless Steel Needles
Brush - Stainless Steel Needles with Protective Ball Tips
Scissors - Exceptionally Sharp Stainless Steel
Rake - Exceptionally Sharp Stainless Steel Blade
Comb - Stainless Steel Needles
Bag - Breathable
Premium Beach and Walnut Wood
Eco Conscious Design
Ergonomic Feel and Control
Suitable for Small to Medium Sized Dogs and Cats
500 Grams
Bag - 220mm x 70mm x 180mm