iBride Visconti Lazy Victoire Tray

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Lazy Victoire Tray

Lazy Victoire, a cultivated descendant from an aristocratic lineage fully meets her rank's requirements but unveils a raucous nocturnal temperament in the evening.

On the piano, the elegant feline vanishes behind the wreath of smoke to play the part of an emancipated thinker for the span of an evening.

The Visconti are trays to be used to serve the guests, they can then be displayed freely on a wall as a pictorial work, a mythological painting

name Lazy Victoire
weight 0,7 kgs 
dimension H.44 x L.32 cm
country of manufacture Moulded in Sweden, Finished in France
little extra birch high pressure laminate
dishwasher safe 
water and heat resistant